by Crescendo



Change starts with self awareness.


Can't sleep tonight too much on my mind

Been in fist fights with the hands of time

Had to gather my thoughts share my soul

I've lost my mind and let things go

Let me know when I start to sound sane

Screaming for change both money and change

Doing my thing not for you but for me

Not for the fans just to explore me

I've been snoring while others before me

Look down with their stares and glares

I know what you think of me I have nightmares

But it replays again and again

So where my real friends at I'm at my end

So my exodus is my genesis 

I'm my own nemesis and expressing this 

May not be with fancy punchlines

Not to be played on the block or lunchlines

This is not ringtone music

​This is me trying not to lose it

I shouldn't have to beg for you to feature 

Still you act like you're my teachers

Who was at your show when you first started?

I feel alone but we're just nearly departed

You're dead to me this more than bread to me

I breathe this in and it travels through my veins and arteries

Who can do this artistry?

I choose my path and you chose yours

I've beaten down but rose from the floor

Not to take jabs but to make my hits,

Records come and go but you act wreckless

Man, I wreck this without bling or necklace 

Forget this you have no time but get this

I'm stronger for my pain and my shame

Took that for God to make his name

louder in my ear prouder do I fear

You're a stumbling block that became my stepping stone

Waiting for you to change realizing that your gone

Waiting for my change realizing that I'm grown.

I'm way too grown for this nonsense
I've only hurt my closest friends in the process
Losing my self fighting for success
blind through it all I am blessed.

I've been waiting waiting for a better me
I've been praying praying for forever see
And if want to see a change I know that it should start with me, start with me, start with me


released September 27, 2019
Lyrics & Vocals Chris "Crescendo" Mercado
Production and Engineering by FILL GX-D BEATZ (Eddie Maldonado)


all rights reserved



Crescendo Orlando, Florida

Crescendo makes music to impact his community. Crescendo is an international performer from Orlando who has opened up for Hip Hop Legends Immortal Technique, Wordsworth, and Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother. Crescendo has performed in front of audiences from 20 to 20,000, but still feels that the music is about the one. An unashamed believer of Jesus with a passion for Hip Hop. ... more

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